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As a former founder, co-founder and CEO of two successful small companies, I understand how exciting starting and running your own business can be. The passion, time commitment, organisation and administration required to grow and sustain a business however can seem too much at times and it's at these times that the business owner is most at risk of stalling the business.

I have gained a wealth of experience in business administration through working for other companies and within my own.  The secretarial service and business services I offer can help your business administration get off the ground and stay there.

My background in law, compliance, languages (French, Spanish & German) and tourism, produces skills that are easily transferable and useful in any business sector.

My timely, logical and clear approach to tasks gets the job done.

A general virtual assistant can be just the amount of help you need to do the tasks required, as and when required, leaving you to concentrate on working on your business instead of in your business.

Extra benefit - No need to provide an office or a desk to a virtual secretary.

About Us - Our Code of Ethics


Our Mission Statement exists to assist other businesses and business professionals to manage their business administrative tasks in a professional, organised and intelligent way.

Our Principles

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability 
  • Leadership

How this translates into what we do and who we are:

We take ownership of our work, we make confident decisions and deliver on our promises.

Our Core Values

  • Respect 
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Equality
  • Courtesy

How this translates into what we do and who we are:

We value our clients and listen to them, we give honest feedback and constant care to our service and development.

Our Policies

  • OWN - Only What's Necessary

We avoid unnecessary and inappropriate document printing and ensure we use screensaver and power-saving modes when able. We recommend our best-value service packs to our clients and never recommend unnecessary services 

  • SEE - Social, environmental, economic

We use and encourage client email and social media platform use to reduce overheads, such as paper, ink and postage. By being virtual we eradicate unnecessary travel. We seek to develop responsible use of resources in both our business and that of our clients

  • RM - Risk Management

We assess our risks and mitigate or eradicate them where possible. We review and make changes if and when necessary. We approach RM in an open and intelligent way and don't see it as a box-ticking exercise

  • Data Protection & Privacy

We take data and privacy seriously and comply with current laws and regulations. We make and observe a confidentiality promise to our clients

  • QS - Quality of Service

We value our clients and their businesses and only excellence in our service is good enough for them and for us

Responsibility & Sustainability

Our aim is to assist businesses in a sustainable and responsible way with careful use of resources in everything we do. We do not unnecessarily print documents. We plan our resource use carefully and avoid unnecessary waste through our OWN policy (Only What's Necessary). We encourage our clients to do the same through skilful management of their resources and use.


Our governance principles are :

  • fairness
  • accountability
  • responsibility and
  • transparency

We comply with relevant laws and best practice in all areas concerned in the delivery of our services and in our dealings with clients and stakeholders.

We are registered with the ICO as a data controller under registration number ZA514195.

We are members of the Society of Virtual Assistants  (SVA) a UK-based voluntary organisation formed in 2005 to promote high standards and best practice and to raise awareness in the profession.